Hey Momsy mamas,
I get a lot of questions on the "Who and the Why" of Momsy so I wanted to write a little blog post to share a little more about me and my "Why".
The "Who". I often refer to "We" and "Us" in my posts but that's because Momsy is a brand, built by so many people, all my suppliers and my entire support structure, I am however the only owner of Momsy. I am Louzelle van Dyk, wifey to a loving and supportive husband and mama to two beautiful boys aged 4 years and 6 months. I am a professional wedding and lifestyle photographer by day and I own my own business Louzelle van Dyk Photography and natural light studio LVDP Studio, and now also the proud founder of Momsy. I love traveling and have been very blessed to have done a lot of traveling to this point, I also met my husband through a traveling experience (India). No he is not Indian, we're both proudly South African. I grew up in Pretoria and we now live in the heart of Pretoria amongst the most beautiful Jacarandas, Groenkloof. I'm very health (I do enjoy comfort food and a chocolate every now and again, to me, it's just all about choosing the healthier option. Brown instead of white, almond milk instead of cow's milk, gluten free etc.) and fitness conscious and enjoy going to gym every day, doing pilates as well as a bit of running and cycling. (All the mentioned has been put on hold for the last year due to my pregnancy and the birth of our baby. I choose not the exercise too hard at the moment because of the effect it has on my milk production and my post pregnancy mom bod is a real thing and it's going to take some dedication getting rid of that extra few kg's and I honestly don't have the motivation for that right now, I know it will come, just now now.) I also teach some spinning classes from time to time. I invest my time in things that enhances a healthy body and mind, I enjoy having healthy friendships, I have the most amazing Bible study group once a week and that fuels me to do all of the above and be a mama too! (I get asked a lot how I manage to get all of the above done, but that's a discussion for another day. I can however say that I believe when God puts something on your heart, He also provides the capacity for it.)
The "Why". Why I started Momsy. Being a mama and photographer and very active too, it surely wasn't because I didn't have anything else to do. In fact I delayed Momsy for quite a while because I had too much to do! But, it was something that God has laid on my heart and even though I tried running from it some days, my hearts desire for Momsy just grew bigger and bigger. That, and the practical challenges I had faced throughout my breastfeeding journey with my first born and when I fell pregnant with my second child it was high on the radar! I also have a passion for helping women and especially mamas be the best "self" they could possibly be and by my own experiences I know it's difficult to be yourself when you have so many challenges trying to be the best mom you could possibly be. You want to go out with the family but you also don't want to because you want to breastfeed your baby as much as possible and as comfortable as possible (especially during those newborn days and if you feed on demand!) so you end up going, wearing something you don't really want to be wearing but it's the only thing that's nursing friendly, and now you're feeling self conscious and uncomfortable in your own skin and you feel emotional and sensitive and the day ends up being a total disaster because you had no confidence in what you were wearing. That might sound ridiculous but that to me is a real thing. Hence, Momsy.
Momsy is a collection for nursing (nursing is another term for breastfeeding and I find it absolutely beautiful if you think of what breastfeeding your baby really is and all the emotion around it) moms and the main goal is to make beautiful clothing that makes breastfeeding easy, accessible and stylish. We don't want you to feel discouraged from breastfeeding because of the limited clothes you get to wear and we want to make you, and especially the nursing-mama-you who is giving her whole existence to that little feeding baby, feel as beautiful as you deserve to feel and give you the self confidence to go out not worrying about holding a top up or pulling a strap down and exposing your body in public or feel shy. So we've started with a classic design The Momsy Dress and it has developed into something beautiful and since then have added a few other basic and classic designs perfect for every body type and style. The Momsy collection is also perfect to start wearing during your pregnancy, especially in those last few weeks when nothing fits comfortably anymore, it's the perfect comfy and stylish go to.
I'm thankful for this venture I've been taken on and excited for what is still to come. Thank you for every kind word of encouragement and response to Momsy. We are still learning every day and we couldn't have done it without you! Here's to a year of exceeding expectations and being a nursing Momsy!
Ps. A lot of mamas are asking what our name is or they avoid the name in conversations because they are unsure of what our name really is. Our name is "Momsy". Our Instagram account is @nursingmomsy because @momsy was already taken. The name comes from "Mom" and "Easy" (for easy breastfeeding), "Momsy". We love which ever!

xxx Momsy