Hey Momsy mamas,
My first of many blog posts goes out to you!
As you'll read more of in my about page, Momsy was inspired by my own experiences as a mama and the challenges that comes with being a mama. Of which one of my greatest challenges was finding nursing friendly clothes for mamas. Buttoned shirts it was. Feeling discouraged to breastfeed because of the limited clothes we get to wear was a real thing for me, and this is my attempt to make a change!
All of that being said my idea for nursing friendly dresses would have been just an idea without your support! So, thank you for all the positive feedback, thank you for buying a Momsy and coming back for more, thank you for being patient with orders, thank you for even believing so much in Momsy that you've placed a pre-order!
I love receiving all the photos of mamas wearing a Momsy, thank you for taking the time and effort to send them to me, and I love bumping into mamas wearing Momsy's. If you ever see someone staring at you when wearing your dress, but for like super long, it's not because there's something on your face, it might be me, just in awe of a concept that turned into a pretty reality. After the first time seeing a mama in a Momsy and making a big fuss I realized that I'm going to have to do this more subtle. Or not. I don't know, do you ever get used to that? People wearing something you designed?
I think if there's something I'd like to achieve through Momsy, other than making nursing easier and more stylish, is to let all mamas know "You're not alone." I love being part of the mama community and the mama-talks that come from buying a dress. I love how us mamas are all on the same boat, facing the same challenges, some are better in some things than others, some think it some say it, but in all cases I think we should share it!

xxx Momsy