About Momsy

Momsy was inspired by my own experiences as a mama and the challenges that comes with being a mama. I am a full time photographer and studio owner who shoots a lot of editorials for beautiful mama and baby products and being a mama to two beautiful boys I share a true passion for all things mama and baby! I have experienced and seen the need for more nursing friendly clothes for mamas. Feeling discouraged to breastfeed because of the limited clothes we can wear is a real thing and this is my attempt to make a change!
Loving fashion just as much I decided to launch Momsy with a few comfy yet stylish and trendy classic designs.
This beautiful nursing friendly range is perfect to start wearing during your pregnancy and have been designed with an invisible zip on each side to make breastfeeding easy and accessible so you don’t have to spend your breastfeeding days at home!
I think if there's something I'd like to achieve through Momsy, other than making nursing easier and more stylish, is to let all mamas know "You're not alone."

xxx Momsy