The heart of our brand is motherhood. We want to create classic, comfy and beautiful items for mamas. Something with longevity, versatility and that is timeless, almost like a mama. Something that you can start wearing the day you first become a mother, when you fall pregnant, throughout all stages of motherhood and then still the days to come. We are more than just a brand, we are a movement. Moving from natural to the unnatural. Encouraging instead of demotivating. Helping, instead of hoping. We want you to be the best mom you can be and we firmly believe that our outer appearances directly impacts our confidence which reflects in the way we mother and nurture, not only our children, but ourselves. Motherhood comes with a lot of struggles, why should clothing be one? In this campaign we are showing Momsy representing each stage of motherhood. The longevity and versatility we wanted to create. Yet stylish and comfy. Enjoy.
 For 9 months our bodies change every day, working hard to grow a little human. With that our hearts change too. We become mothers even before the baby is born. “To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.” Anne Christian Buchanan
Kim is wearing the long sleeve Aqua Momsy Dress in size XS. Styled with a loose knit for the more chilly days to come during autumn. Who doesn't love being barefoot around the house but a pair of sneakers or even short booties will compliment this look perfectly. Maternity wear, two words most women swear they'll never own. So we've put our focus on nursing-friendly items, but to make it even more lovable we've designed our items to be naturally maternity-friendly too. We love that, something to help you through those last days, hugging your bump, not too tight, not too loose, no excess fabric when the bump is gone!
"I wish I could slow down the clock during these fleeting 9 months. Every little nudge and kick brings a smile to my face and the wonder of seeing my belly grow week by week, knowing what special cargo is hidden inside, is totally awe-inspiring. I feel so grateful for being able to live this beautiful and incredible experience." - Kim
Knits are the perfect classic autumn and winter items and on top of the trend list this season. The new Momsy Skirt is your bump's new best friend. Available in black, grey and leopard print. This leopard print is just so ready to go to town! We love how these skirts could be dressed up or down. Take you to work or spend the day on the couch. Kim is wearing her normal size, XS, in the Momsy Skirt. Kim is 1.75m tall.
A side ruche is always flattering but just so much more with a baby bump. We have just launched our long sleeve Momsy Rouge. Perfectly fitting Kim's 30 week bump in a size XS. Why we love this dress so much? It's totally forgiving post pregnancy when you don't have your pre-pregnancy body back just yet and it's nursing friendly too taking you to the next stage of motherhood.
 These days can feel long and tough but oh so rewarding. Seeing our bodies adapt for this new stage of motherhood can be overwhelming. Seeing the miracle that was formed in your womb, takes a while to grasp. We feel tired, yet overjoyed, we feel inadequate, yet we have every ability to satisfy our baby's needs, we lack knowledge, yet we have mother instinct. We were so perfectly made for this. “Only the One who calls us by name has the right to tell us how we should be. The beauty is that He does not tell us without enabling us as well. He doesn’t demand what we don’t have. And we always have enough by virtue of His free gifts.” -  The (un)Natural mom by Hettie Brittz
Julie gracefully wears our 3 new Momsy colours, Mustard, Aqua and Ash Rose. She is 1,67m and is wearing size XS. She also shows off our brand new Exclusive Collection's Baby Blue Frill Dress which is perfect for layering these cold morning and hot autumn days. All these items offer quick and easy access to nursing your baby very discreetly and beautifully by our invisible zip concept. So you have one less thing to worry about.
Let's talk breastfeeding. Julie is first time mama to little Lidia who is only 5 months young. Julie is breastfeeding her little girl and also expresses when needed. Do you breastfeed or bottle feed? Do you exclusively breastfeed? Do you express or top up? These common questions can be oh so insulting and make us question our own abilities and choices. Sometimes just a conversation starter. You are doing the best you can mama, be secure in the best decision you are making for you and your baby. Our hearts and passion for Momsy is not to encourage breastfeeding and discourage anything else. We are here to encourage YOU mama. We want you to look and feel amazing and confident, breastfeeding or not, but why not give it a good go? We want to give you easy access and pretty options, so you can really give it the best chance! But if you only manage to breastfeed a couple of weeks, even days, we've created pieces that will leave you looking beautiful and feel special by wearing a collection designed, just, for, you, for the rest of motherhood. No visible maternity or nursing features, just classic, comfy and stylish capsules. Julie highlights her breastfeeding journey as a very demanding one but the best and wouldn't have it any other way.
 During the later stages of motherhood you've found your bedtime routine, your baby now sleeps through the night, you know their likes and dislikes but somehow the challenges of motherhood grows as your baby does. However the good days, all the 'firsts' and all the love surpasses all the challenges. I often find myself lost in enchanting motherhood moments. The time often feels long and never ending, but in reality it's just too short, and just like that they'll be all grown up and we'll be dreaming of these first stages of motherhood. As a mother, I want to commit to, as my children grow, also grow emotionally and spiritually, to learn, as they learn, to be resilient as they are. I want to accept that there is no way to be a perfect mother but so many ways to be a good mother. I want to give them wings and then have the ability to let them fly. “A (super)Natural Mom knows that her failures won’t stop God from keeping all the promises He made concerning her life and the lives of her children.” - The (un)Natural Mom by Hettie Brittz
Danielle is wearing the ash rose Momsy Sweater. It's reversible and will take you through all stages of motherhood. Styled with the grey Momsy Skirt. Our Exclusive '19 Collection has launched and the white Frill Dress is still very welcome in autumn. Danielle is 1.73m and is wearing a size Small. Danielle has stopped breastfeeding little Sienna but can continue wearing her Momsy items because who would even know? Our naturally maternity-friendly and hidden nursing-friendly features are completely invisible.
"Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him." - Psalm 127:3 Children, you are our greatest gifts. Being a mother is our greatest joy. For me, you are the perfect examples of love and life. I would like to end this by thanking my family for giving me the freedom to be the mother I am, sometimes need to be and sometimes lack to be. I would also like to tell them, that "You are my reason for pursuing my passions, for wanting to be the best mother, wife and person I could possibly be. You inspire me to reach for higher heights, to get up when I fall. You make everything worth the while. I love you guys and thank God for allowing me to do life with you." I am living a passion and dream through Momsy, inspired by motherhood, raw, real and beautiful motherhood. To all my followers, thank you!

xxx Momsy