Busting those breastfeeding myths

by | Feb 12, 2023 | Nursing, Maternity

This journal is all about busting those breastfeeding myths!


Breastfeeding is a lot easier and quicker than preparing bottles. It is always accessible and you can easily establish a 3-4 hour feeding schedule. Remember any form of feeding requires more frequent feeding during growth spurts etc. Best part? You get to bond with your baby while spending all this time feeding!


Mother’s milk is the superior infant food! No formula can compete with breastmilk. Multiple studies have shown that breastfed babies become sick less often and not as severely. It also has a lot of nutritional and emotional benefits. Your body is the smartest machine and will always make enough milk to feed your baby and adapts to your baby’s needs as it changes. The WHO suggests that breastmilk is the best for infant feeding.

Breastfeeding is not supposed to be painful…

Yes, your nipples might crack and you might even get mastitis but if you find it otherwise very painful your baby might not be latching correctly and it is advised to seek professional help from a lactation consultant. It’s better to seek help than give up or suffer in silence. They are passionate about breastfeeding and have much experience in this field. Your breasts might or might not be the same again, but knowing you’ve given the best to your baby, I’ll take that! It’s all part of nature.

Then most of us are doing it all wrong!

You do not have to follow a specific diet and cut out certain foods or drinks. If your baby suffers from colic or reflux you might want to cut out foods like garlic and onion that can cause cramps and bloating but not in all cases. You, as a mom, know best and see your baby’s response to the different food groups you take in. Your baby’s digestive systems are more sensitive for the first 3-4 months, thereafter you can try to reintroduce those foods to your diet.

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Disclaimer. We support breastfeeding wholeheartedly however we believe that you need to do what is best for you and your family. We also understand that some women cannot breastfeed due to medical reasons and we 100% respect that. But we also know that most Mamas give up on breastfeeding due to a lack of support and education and we feel that they should not be discouraged by misleading information but rather be supported and educated.

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